Where is the MSU Testing Office located?

– 556 E. Circle Drive Room 237, in the Student Services Building, which you find on the Interactive MSU Map.

Where should I park?

– Unfortunately, there is no free parking available.  You have two options for parking:

1. Park in a ramp in East Lansing.  They accept cash and credit.

2. Park in a Visitor Space along Psychology Road, which is right across from our building (to the East).  You’ll need to buy a permit from our office after you park, and then go back down and hang the permit from your rearview mirror.  Please note that we cannot sell parking permits to current MSU students.

How should I prepare for my test?

– That depends.  Check out our Test Prep section for some suggestions.

What will it cost to take my test?

– That also depends.  If you’re taking a distance test/online course exam, then the fee is $20 for MSU students and $30 for non-MSU students.  We also charge a $30 proctoring fee for CLEP tests.  Fees for all other types of exams can be found on the exam’s official website.

What forms of payment are accepted?

– We accept cash, personal checks, and credit/debit cards

How do I schedule my test?

– Only a select few exams are scheduled directly through our office:

  •      Distance tests/Online course exams
  •      The MAT
  •      CLEP Tests
  •      Math Placement Tests
  •      Foreign Language Placement Tests

All other exams are scheduled directly through the testing company.

What if I don’t see my test mentioned on this website?

– We give hundreds of tests, so it would be impossible to list all of them on our website.  If you want to check if we administer the test you need to take because don’t see it listed anywhere on our website, please contact us!

Are you looking for the Scoring Office?

– The Scoring Office provides a much different set of services than we do.  You can find all you need to know about them here: http://scoring.msu.edu/