The DSST program provides the opportunity to earn college credit in various subject areas.  We administer the DSST exams throughout the year, on an as-needed basis.  In order to schedule an appointment, please e-mail us at testctr@cc.msu.edu or call us at (517) 355-8385.

On test day, you’ll be required to pay $80 to DSST with a credit card, and a separate $30 proctoring fee to MSU by cash, check, or credit.

We are a “Fully Funded DSST Center,” which means that eligible military members are able to test at our site for free.  http://getcollegecredit.com/assets/pdf/DANTES_Funding_Guide.pdf

Please note, we do not offer the Public Speaking exam at our site.

We encourage you to check out the DSST website for information about preparing for the DSST exams.

DSST poster