Info for Faculty and Program Coordinators

Large Classroom Test Proctoring

The MSU Testing Office is able to provide different types of services to MSU faculty and program coordinators.  We have a large pool of proctors on staff that may be available to proctor large classes in lecture halls, as well as accommodated testing sessions.  In these instances, our proctors come to you.  The presence of our proctors in your classroom or lecture hall is one of the best ways to preserve academic integrity during examinations.  There are fees associated with this service, and we’ll need to have your exam schedule far in advance of the test dates.  Please contact us for details.

Fully Staffed & Secure Computer Lab

In addition to large classroom proctoring, we also have the ability to administer up to 18 computer-based exams at one time in our office.  Multiple programs on campus currently take advantage of having a completely secure environment where computer-based exams can be administered and academic integrity can be preserved at all times.  We monitor students via camera, large windows, and frequent walkthroughs.  In most cases, fees are associated with using our space.  Please contact us if you have questions or would like to reserve space for your students.

Make-Up Exams/Distance & Online Course Exams

We are happy to administer exams for students who are taking in-class or online courses.  These are by appointment only, so the student must contact us to set up a test time.  There is a $20 fee per exam.  Once the student informs you that he/she is going to take his/her test in our office, you simply forward us the exam (or exam password) and we’ll administer the test in our secure environment at the appointed time.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.